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Moonstone is a Special Edition Gin in collaboration with Irene- Louise van Wyk. We saw fit to match it to the precious Moonstone. The pearly iridescence it showcases is soft and milky with a touch of shimmer.

Moonstone has a dominant Candy Floss flavour added to our 6 secret botanicals that form the base of this Gin and add to the milky and fluffiness of the stone texture and aesthetic. Since Moonstone is a balancing gem, this Gin is also well balanced and rounded in perfect taste, mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste. Moonstone receives its energy and magic directly from the moon, which is why it is considered a lucky and sacred crystal.


Flavour: Candy Floss
Bottle: 750ml
Alcohol: 43%

"Moonstone glows a reflection of dreams in the quiet night sky."