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It's believed that the Black Crow’s eyes are made of obsidian glass, formed by naturally erupting volcanoes when the lava rapidly cools down.

The Black Crow chose the cherry on top, the Black Cherry to be precise as inspiration for his signature gin. This gin is without a doubt intense and distinctive in taste and smell. The smell is crisp and the taste is crystal clear whilst the colour of the gin is as black as the feathers of the distinctive Black Crow himself. 

The Obsidian Gin from Black Crow will truly be a benchmark for quality gins alike. You will be tempted to have a go at this full-bodied gin and moved to show your friends and family how stylish a gin can truly be. Treat yourself to Black Crow’s Obsidian Gin and be superior at social gatherings.


Flavour: Black Cherry
Bottle: 750ml
Alcohol: 43%